ZhongShan Yineng Taifu Light Co.,LTD  Since 2012 and have two self build standard factory . Our factory Located in Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City(LED light City) ,Guangdong Province.

Our company more than 1000 employee, and have 3D print Dept(it can quickly help customer design and print sample before open mold), Electronic Dept( It can help custoemr design product or provide professional suggestion) , Mold Dept ( Self CNC and help customer open mold cheap then customer looking for by himself)

Our product : LED light/bulb(special spectrum), LED liner (Self mold product), Magnetice track light and Grow Plant light and warning light etc

The same price we can provide best quality, the same quality we can provide competitive price.

And support Open mold of low quantity also we can provide TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT.

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Contact: Mr.Jackson

Phone: +86 18900350296

Tel: 0760-2375-1345

Add: No,15,Jiahua Road,QianHe Industrial Zone Sanxiang Zhongshan, Guangdong, P.R.C

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