Magnetic track light

Product ID:130

Night vision function:LED Light

Goods gross weight:1.0kg

Shelf time:2021-03-25

Product description:Magnetic track light

Magntrak light system

48V OR 220V

Magnetic track lighting is a new type of lighting with an intelligent management system, it combines a variety of lighting fixtures that include floodlights, spotlights, and wall washers. This system has a unique magnetic design, which makes the conductive strip on the track contact with the conductive strip on the lighting fixtures to supply power with firm connection. In addition, the Magnetic track lighting system by Zonlicht LIGHTING comes with a clasp to reinforce the installation and ensure the fixtures no to be loosened. Lighting components can be combined with wireless and network systems to turn it on and off, not noly that, it also can easily adjust the luminosity and CCT, helping improve efficiency and intelligence for residential and commercial lighting applications and management.

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