LED Strip

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Night vision function:LED Light

Goods gross weight:1.0kg

Shelf time:2021-03-25

Product description:NO DARK AREA: Due to the dense arrangement of multiple LED chips on the same base, COB LED Strip allows for a more uniform lighting effect, reducing the dark area that can exist in the middle of a traditional LED strip.High Brightness: The design of COB LED Strip allows for multiple LED chips to be concentrated in a smaller area, so it is often brighter than traditional LED Strip.Energy efficient: COB LED strips typically provide higher brightness at the same power, and therefore have a higher energy efficiency.



  LEDLED qtyPCB widthwattcolor/cct          lumen


  ZONLILLV-COB-480P480p/m10mm12W/mfull color

  IP ratelifespanwarranty             packing   certifications
 IP20/IP65/IP6850000h3 years              5m/rollISO9001/CQC/CCC/CE/CB/ROHS/NEMKO/ETL/PSE/BIS/LM80

LONG LIFE: Durable LED Strip Lights are made of high quality LED chips and heat dissipation materials to ensure a long lifespan, which can usually reach tens of thousands of hours or even longer.

Low Energy Consumption: Highly efficient LED chips and power supply design allow durable strips to provide sufficient illumination while operating at lower energy consumption, thus saving energy and reducing operating costs.

High brightness: Durable light strips usually have high brightness levels, which can provide even and bright lighting effects.

Good heat dissipation: Reasonable heat dissipation design can effectively dissipate the heat generated, thus lowering the temperature of the LED chip, ensuring its stable operation and prolonging its life.

Dustproof and waterproof: Durable light strips are often designed to be dustproof and waterproof, enabling them to work in humid or dusty environments and improving the applicability and reliability of the product.

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