Magnetic Mount Track Lighting

Magnetic Mount Track Lighting

Magnetic track light, belonging to a kind of linear lighting fixture, can be understood as a track light with magnetism. Its installation principle is like a suction stone, the use of magnetism makes the lamps and lanterns components adsorbed on the track, can freely shuttle on the top of the room, enrich the space, not only to enhance the effect of interweaving light and shadow in the space, but also to create a unique visual aesthetic.


Features of Magnetic Track Light

In the current popularity of the minimalist style, magnetic track lighting can not only realize a variety of types of design but also has a decorative space, improving the overall space "value".


High flexibility

Different from the traditional track light, the magnetic light installation is on a track, not only does the light source module have many kinds, that can meet the corner lighting, but also free to increase or decrease the number of light sources, free to move and adjust the angle.


Magnetic track light and unique track lines outlined, not only achieve a minimalist style but also modify the ceiling space, and artistic atmosphere, 

which is not a proper eye-catching bleah.


Easy to install and access

The track is pre-laid, and the fixture can be sucked up in a second. If the lamp is broken, press the safety button to release the buckle, 

and remove it for maintenance or replacement. Solve the trouble of replacing traditional lamps.


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